First of all, welcome to The Unappreciated Carer! This website is a resource dedicated to educating care workers about their employment rights and creating a platform for care workers to come together, as a genuine support network.

Care workers do an exceptional job and, as we know post-COVID-19, they do a key role to keep the country moving. However, care workers across the UK are not only unappreciated, they often have their employment rights breached. The reason for this is that the information is not readily available. Many care workers do not realize that they are being taken advantage of.

We at The Unappreciated Carer are making it our business to do the leg work for you. We will find the facts, simplify and share.

There are thousands of positive care stories. They happen every single day, but only the few negative ones will be told. We are also an outlet for the great care stories. To show the real value care workers bring to the lives of the people we care for.

We also run The Unappreciated Carer Podcast, which breaks down the articles further and interviews Health and Social Care leaders and other experts. This is available on Spotify, Itunes, Podbean, and YouTube

I hope you get a lot of value from the content provided.

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