News Round Up 08/07/20

News about Social Care, changes that are happening and changes that could happen are coming in thick and fast! At The Unappreciated Carer, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to have access to the news that affects you. We will be doing a weekly news round up!

Here is our selected news of the week! Click the link to see the article.

Care home COVID-19 deaths have fallen to a new low –

The Unappreciated Carer initial thoughts – The decline in deaths across care homes is a testament to the work everyone involved in care homes have been doing. From the carer workers to the families of residents.   

No evidence to support Boris Johnson’s claim that Care Homes are at fault –

The Unappreciated Carer initial thoughts – There will undoubtably be a few examples across the UK of care homes not following recommended processes. There will maybe be a handful across the UK. But 99.9% of care homes either followed the recommended processes or went further. I know from my own local area one care provider locked down 9 days before the official 23rd March Lockdown. They have had zero cases of coronavirus. What would have been the impact across the UK if the government had such foresight?

Scottish care homes owned by Chinese state and held in tax havens –

The Unappreciated Carer initial thoughts – This is a topic that I am exceptionally interested in. Many of the largest care providers are owned by private equity businesses. Often these companies make money but cutting costs to the bare minimum. This has got to impact working conditions for care workers and their ability to deliver outstanding care.

Government slow to react to agency care spread –

The Unappreciated Carer initial thoughts – Fortunately many care providers I have experience of had enough common sense to understand the risks and to mitigate the risk as best as possible. Either by having no agency at all or having the same agency staff come to the home and only their home.

Progress to be made on social care funding after NHS boss statement –

The Unappreciated Carer initial thoughts – The conversation about Social Care funding has been ongoing and put off for two decades, by both the Conservative and Labour parties. Neither have given a serious solution and it is regularly used by those opposite the government benches to gain sway with voters. Over the next 10 years, the aging population is going to really begin to take full affect on our already struggling Care Homes.

Regular testing in care homes rolled out this week –

The Unappreciated Carer initial thoughts – Care home staff and residents have seemingly been left a little behind when it comes to testing. The Premier League had testing for all staff weeks ago. How is this the case?

HSBC UK backing care provider –

The Unappreciated Carer initial thoughts – In a time where care homes are fighting to keep their doors open, it is great to see support for care providers to open new homes.