What holiday pay entitlement do I have?

Knowing what holiday pay we are entitled to can be a nightmare. Mainly because there are a lot of different rules and minimums, and no one really lets us know what they are! Which bodes well for employers as they can use this to their advantage… which sounds harsh but believe me it happens!

The first things to know are the basics. So what are they?

How many days should I get?

Most people get 5.6 weeks annual leave a year. However, this will vary depending on your contracted hours, the amount of days you work and whether you receive more annual leave in your contract because of as an employee benefit.

For example;

If I am contracted to 37.5 hours a day, for 5 days a week, I would be entitled to 210 hours of holiday pay.

So, 210 hours divided by 5 days a week is 5.6 weeks, which is equivalent to 28 days a year.

You can calculate this and your own holiday entitlement by using the government holiday entitlement calculator.

If I am on a zero-hour contract, my employer is required by law to pay me holiday pay of 5.6 weeks (28 days a year).

I have never been fortunate enough to offered more than the statutory amount of holiday entitlement!

How much holiday pay should I be paid?

If your have contracted hours, then these should be paid in full for the holiday entitlement you have.

For those on a zero hour contracts. It can be more complicated, as there are no regulations on how to convert this into days or hours. The best thing to do is to ask your employer how the holiday pay is calculated.

Some employers will give you a pay rate that “includes your holiday pay”. This is called Rolled-up pay and this practice is against the law. This is because you must take leave to be paid holiday.

I have had experiences of being paid rolled up pay. As much as I liked having the “extra money” weekly, it actually was a pain once I would go on annual leave, knowing that I would not be paid!

ACAS are an independent free legal support service for employees and employers. They have a really good section on holiday pay entitlement here.

The subject of holiday pay is very important to me as it is an area often abused, with under pay and misleading information. This blog will be continually developed and will give more concise information that will be useful to for anyone wanting to know more about their holiday entitlement!